About GLue

Gluechats is one of Africa’s first virtual communication and collaboration platform conceived and developed by Africans for Africa and beyond. Gluechats is the brainchild of Zimbabwean born Professor, Richard Chinomona a visionary and a passionate innovator determined to create solutions to further African economies and advance social impact solutions. Gluechats is a product owned by Excellence Group Investment (EGI).

Excellence Group Investments (EGI)


Excellence Group Investment (Pty) Ltd is a proudly African company registered and headquartered in Johannesburg – South Africa. EGI’s core purpose is to run next-generation communication and collaboration platforms and support services that are excellent and second to none.


The current and future of individual and business communication and social collaboration by society rest in the use of real time virtual platforms. Africa and the world are in dire need of robust, secure and affordable home-grown communication and collaboration real time virtual platforms that can sustainably solve its current and future problems.


Excellence Group Investments (EGI) provides twelve (12) secure, affordable and high-quality communication and collaboration range of products from Africa by Africans to sustainably solve related African problems and the world at large – in governments, businesses, education sector, religious organisations and society at large (Glue VP, Gluecasts, ClueChats, GlueTune, GlueShare, GlueGram, GlueSnap, GlueSports, Glue-Search, Glue-icon, GlueSecure and Gluepost).

We Started with Passion

Designed by Africans for Africans and beyond Gluechats is intended among other purposes to assist in dealing with cyber security issues that are endemic in an increasingly virtual world. The Gluechats provides high quality and affordable access for users with real-time support and security. Communication on the platform is fitted and secured with an end-to-end encryption to protect users from third party infiltration.

About the Founder and pioneer CEO

The Gluechats is the brainchild of Professor Richard Chinomona. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Prof Chinomona as he is commonly known, is a visionary, ambitious and proudly African entrepreneur, innovator, disruptor, futurist, academic and researcher. He holds a PhD, MBA, MEC, MPA, HEC, HPA and DPPM from different universities. He conceived the Virtual Platform back in 2015, it has been 5 years in the making. Prof. Chinomona aims to use technology to build an ecosystem of disruptive and innovative solutions to the current and future challenges faced by Africa and the world at large. He has assembled a very solid team to support and enable this worthy endeavour.